We respect the environment above all

Caffe Molinari respects the environment and initiated a series of activities over the years within its plant to minimize the environmental impact of its productive activity.

In addition to observing the law on particulate emissions, with catalytic afterburners to lower fine particulates, Caffe Molinari: - confers all refuse to qualified operators to initiate recovery and recycling (by the operator though) where possible) - sends the silverskins to composting plants - shows constant interest in the improvement of new packaging materials (reducing weight, reducing environmental impact, for example biodegradable or compostable material) - produces itself nitrogen for protective atmospheres (less transport = lower CO2 emissions) - uses as many LED lamps as possible for office illumination and recycles office materials almost totally.

Finally, Caffè Molinari is registered with following waste management companies: CONAI (Italy), LANDBELL (Germany), and ARA (Austria) For Caffè Molinari, better environmental quality is synonymous with better quality of human life.